The Mind Robbers Ep. 06 – Fun With Chronicle

This week, Matt has been watching new shows Luck, Alcatraz and Smash, while Scott has been listening to Fun, we review the new found footage-style superpowers film ‘Chronicle’, and continue our ongoing chat about Supernatural (discussing episodes 7-9 of season one). And stay tuned to the end of the episode for a song off Fun’s new album “Some Nights”!


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8 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 06 – Fun With Chronicle

  1. Hey Matt, In just a small defense of Alcatraz, one of your points was that the criminals keep going back to the same crimes they used to commit and that it is not believable. I don’t know if you just missed this or not but there is someone behind the scenes a puppet master of sorts that is making them do this stuff. It’s like each criminal has thier specialty crime and the puppet master is using themto commit those crimes for a reason that has yet to revealed.

    • Oh sure, I got that bit. And it’s fine for them to use these criminals to get things they want (for example, that would be in a safety deposit box), in fact, that’s preferable and they even made that more explicit in the cut of the pilot I saw at Comic-Con.

      But in the episode with the dude who did the safety deposit boxes, he commits two crimes at two different banks. Surely both of those safety deposit boxes aren’t for the same shadowy mysterious people? Likewise, what did the minings in the most previous episode accomplish.

      • I see what your saying there. I’m not sure. I am holding out hope that it gets really good. I am one of those rare people I think that don’t mind a procedural mixed with a serial. I started watching Fringe just because of the sci-fi elements to it and stuck with it and I am very glad that I did because while I enjoyed it in the first season the second season was just outstanding. I guess I am kind of hoping for the same here with Alcatraz.

        • Hopefully, yes. And I’ll be watching this week’s episode because I my screenwriting mentor wrote it, but between Sarnoff leaving and the show having done what it’s done so far I am less than confident.

      • On a side note I love yours and Scott’s Supernatural talk each episode. That show is by far and away my favorite show on tv right now.

        • Thanks, Dave. I’m glad you’re enjoying it. Supernatural has been one of my consistent top 5 shows since I started watching it 6 years ago and I’m so happy to have an excuse to rewatch it from the beginning.

          • Yeah, I have been watching it since the very first episode and it is just unbelievable how this show has stayed so consistantly great for 7 years. I mean no spoilers for Matt’s sake but this season alone has had quite a few just fantastic episodes and two episodes that are in my top 10 for the show.

  2. I’m slowly catching up with my podcast backlog. I’m partway through this episode now, just after you guys talk about Fringe for a bit.

    The thing is, Fringe was always serialized from the start. It had a continuing storyline that went from episode to episode, but it also had the procedural monster of the week stuff. I guess you could say that in the first season of Fringe (at least the first half) the procedural stuff was the A storyline of any given episode and the serialized content makes up the B storyline. Fringe was never completely serialized or completely procedural. However, early on it leaned a bit more towards the procedural side, just like pretty much every show ever.

    Now the bad thing is that the serialized story in the first half of season one isn’t very compelling. The monster of the week stuff was always at least decent, and sometimes really good, but the continuing storyline about Oliva’s former partner being a bad guy or not just never formed into anything that good. Once they dropped that plot thread about halfway through the season, Fringe immediately began improving. The second half of the 1st season is so much better than the first half. And season two of Fringe addresses most of the issues the show had in its first season.

    So to start with, Fringe leaned more towards procedural (about 60/40) but once it hit the second season, serialized storylines started to become more important and the ratio flip-flopped to 60/40 in favor of serialization.

    So, I’m really glad you guys will be watching Fringe for the show. I wish I didn’t have to wait to hear what you guys think of it, but at least I have something to look forward to. In the meantime, your Supernatural discussions are really great.

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