The Mind Robbers Ep. 08 – Army of Doom

This week, Matt caught up with Vampire Diaries, while Scott has seen Justice League: Doom, then we review the new pilot for Awake, discuss the Evil Dead trilogy, and continue our ongoing chat about Supernatural (discussing episodes 13-15 of season one).


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3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 08 – Army of Doom

  1. Even though I disagree with you guys, I get where you’re coming from on Army of Darkness. I think that I love that movie for all the reasons that you guys hate it. I absolutely love the campy stupidness of the movie. It is as its best when it isn’t trying to be serious, which is why the alternate ending sucks so much. The S-Mart ending is so much more appropriate for the silly tone of that movie. The theatrical version of Army of Darkness is easily the best version. Everything after that was just trying to make the movie too serious.

    However, I agree with you guys that it is not an Evil Dead movie. Maybe that’s why I’m more forgiving of it. I view it as a standalone B-movie rather than an Evil Dead sequel. Of course, I do have a soft spot for cheesy and silly horror movies, so I’m sure that’s a factor as well.

    I loved hearing your thoughts on these movies, and I’m curious as to what you think about Dead Alive. It is one of the most creatively gory movies I’ve ever seen, and it isn’t trying to be serious at all. The iconic lawn mower scene (make sure you see the unrated version for its full glory) is only one of many great ways zombies get killed in that movie.

    Also, if you guys haven’t seen The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra, you should check it out. Here’s a trailer if you’ve never heard of it:

    • I actually worked at an art house when Lost Skeleton came out, so I got to see it in theaters. It’s ridiculous and fun, but only for 40 minutes or so. After that, I kind of got tired of it. I think they made a sequel if I’m not mistaken…

      And I really like Dead Alive as well, but it’ll always be a poor man’s Evil Dead to me. Not because it isn’t good, but because it wouldn’t have existed without the Evil Dead existing first.

      And don’t get me wrong, I TOTALLY get why people love Army of Darkness. Hell, I used to be one of them. I just think my taste has changed since then. It’s the same reason I’m not crazy about Kevin Smith movies anymore, despite him being one of my favorites back when.

      • Poor man’s Evil Dead? But they aren’t the same type of movie at all. Dead Alive isn’t trying to be creepy at all. I’m pretty sure the goal of that movie is to abuse and kill as many zombies as possible in many different humorous ways. I guess you could say that Dead Alive shares similar slapstick sensibilities with Army of Darkness, but you guys don’t think that’s an Evil Dead movie anyway.

        I wouldn’t call Dead Alive a poor man’s anything. That movie has too many great things in it to be considered “poor”.

        Kickass priest? Check. Zombie neckhole makeout session? Check. Zombie baby? Check. Zombie head in a blender? Check. Zombified entrails? Check. Multiple zombie deaths by lawnmower? Check. Ridiculous fountains of blood? Check. Evil mother uber-zombie? Check.

        That said, the R-rated version of the movie doesn’t play nearly as well as the original cut. There is a ton of great gags and gore that gets removed, and the iconic lawnmower scene is severely cut down. The original version of the movie is definitely the way to go.

        Part of me wants to know what today’s Peter Jackson would do with a zombie movie. The cynical part says it would probably be way too CGI heavy and not be able to get away with the same type of shit young Peter Jackson could get away with. The optimist side of me says he still loves zombies and could probably make something kickass. Perhaps we’ll never know.

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