2 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Special – The Avengers

  1. I think the best thing about The Avengers is that there are so many great moments in the movie that are potentially somebody’s favorite. I think my favorite throwaway moment from the movie is either the Captain America flying monkeys gag or the cutaway shot of Galaga.

  2. This film deserves the love, and it is fantastic that the box office assures its future. I had my doubts, mainly in that ensemble films are so tough, giving all the main characters something meaningful to do and roughly equal air time. This film pretty much nailed that though. Especially with Hawkeye, who IMO seems a fairly useless character compared to the others. It was very clever to have him turned so early in the movie.
    My personal favourite scene (aside from the Hulk bashing Loki), was the initial ‘interrogation’ scene. Pure comedy gold, and I simply wasn’t expecting it.

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