2 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Special – Community

  1. Is Dan Harmon’s adult swim show a sure thing? Or is it just one of those things where he agrees to develop a pilot and it may or may not become a show. I would love to know that I have another Dan Harmon show to look forward to since I’m still debating whether or not I’m going to tune into Community season 4. I never saw Aliens in America although I remember seeing promos for it. I did see a clip of the IT crowd adaptation and if that’s all I have to go on with the new showrunner’s it was not promising. For the most part they seemed to just directly copy the original script exactly except changing certain lines and what they changed them to where not improvements. For example changing “Standard nerds!” to a smug sounding “They’re barely human.” and I feel like casting Joel Mchale as an American Roy was a huge mistake. I love Joel Mchale but does he really seem believable as a computer nerd with questionable hygiene invisible to the opposite sex? I will admit though that 3 years of knowing him as Jeff Winger might be responsible for my inability to buy it but…I don’t think so. I figure I’ll tune into the season 4 premiere out of morbid curiosity but knowing what I’m missing out on (a season 4 with Dan Harmon) is probably going to make it a not very fun viewing experience overall even if I do want to support the cast and the remaining writers.

    • The Adult Swim show (Rick and Morty) has only been picked up as a pilot so far. But given the cult status of Community and Harmon as one of the most high profile and marketable showrunners around (for better or worse) I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t go.

      I’ll also just mention here that since we recorded this episode Megan Ganz, Andy Bobrow, Steve Basilone, and Annie Mebane have all signed on to stay on Community’s writing staff for season four. So I will be watching. Ganz and Bobrow are huge Community/Harmon fans, and their sticking around is a vote of confidence in the show if you ask me.

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