The Mind Robbers Ep. 18 – Our Week With Finales

This week, Matt has finished the disappointing fifth season of The West Wing while Scott has watched a few equally disappointing movies, we discuss a few TV season finales, and we continue our ongoing chat about Supernatural (episodes 16-18 of season two).


  • The West Wing – 2:49
  • Shame – 10:07
  • My Week With Marilyn – 21:50
  • Superman vs the Elite – 26:10
  • Suburgatory – 39:00
  • Parks & Rec – 46:09
  • The Office – 50:00
  • The Vampire Diaries – 58:00
  • Game of Thrones – 1:13:23
  • Mad Men – 1:31:01
Supernatural Chat – 1:47:15
Next Time/Wrap Up – 1:58:10

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14 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 18 – Our Week With Finales

  1. Fassbender’s Dick: A totally appropriate alternate title for this film. Coincidentally I just watched Shame the other day and I agree with most of your criticisms. I didn’t hate it at all but I honestly didn’t really feel anything while I was watching it. The performances were great and I do feel like the film is worth seeing at least once for that but the story didn’t engage me at all and yeah I agree with the whole “dark moment of the soul.” Totally unnecessary and the film could have so easily been saved for me if character motivation and more backstory had come into it at all outside of the sister’s mention of “We come from a bad place.” I think it did a good job of showing what the devastating effects of a sex addiction could be like particularly when I think the whole existence of sex addiction still seems to be under debate so I applaud it for that but I don’t think I ever need to see it again and I was looking forward to seeing it for awhile so that’s disappointing. Oh god the Carey Mulligan singing New York, New York scene I had to fast forward through it. It was pretty for like 2 seconds and then “Oh my god is she still singing? Are you kidding me?”

    I was planning on watching My Week with Marilyn. It’s in my netflix queue anyway. I think I’ll still watch it but keep my expectations low. I’ll be honest and say I haven’t actually seen any of her movies outside of 20 minutes of The Seven Year Itch. I might try and watch one of her movies though before seeing My Week with Marilyn since a couple of them are on netflix instant. Out of curiosity Scott who would you cast as Marilyn Monroe?

    I wasn’t sure if I was going to watch The Office next season but now that I know so many people are leaving and new people will b in charge I think I’ll give it another chance. Catherine Tate being made a regular makes me happy. I know people have issues with Nellie but I’ve loved Catherine Tate since Doctor Who and I just can’t see having more of her on my TV as a bad thing. I will be watching Project Mindy but I will not be watching the Dwight spinoff.

    Parks and Rec is perfect of course. It’s so perfect I actually hope season 5 is the last season because then you basically get a flawless series run and how often does that happen? Never! I’m in the camp that season 1 was underrated.

    If you guys had told me that Alayna had been killed off I might have finally committed to watching TVD again. That stupid love triangle is a huge reason why I just can’t get into the show despite having watched season 1 the whole way through and half of season 2 and agreeing it’s had some excellent moments. I want your version of TVD it sounds awesome. Oh and Harmony wasn’t in the Master’s bloodline. She got sired by a random vampire during the Graduation massacre right?

    Mad Men…hmmm. I would have to say my overall feelings are closer to Scott’s but I did find this the most underwhelming of all the season finales but I feel like it was worth it if only for that scene of Don watching Megan’s screen test which took me right back to his carousel speech from season 1. This wouldn’t be my favorite season (season 3 for me too) but it was still great overall and still one of the best written and most depressing shows on right now.

    • Everything you said about Shame I agree with 100%, I’m glad you understood where I was coming from.

      I have no idea who I would have cast as Marilyn Monroe. Honestly, I probably just wouldn’t have made the movie to begin with, there wasn’t enough story there to qualify its existence IMO. At least Shame had something to prove, My Week With Marilyn was just… there. If you’re going to watch a Monroe movie, though, I can’t recommend Some Like It Hot more. Tons of fun and Monroe is in a role that is perfectly suited for her (and she’s not a main character despite being the female lead – another plus).

      Catherine Tate was definitely the highlight of The Office this season (albeit the ONLY highlight), but I’m not sure if she’s coming back next season or not. I actually haven’t heard, but I hope she’ll return so I can see her on the show in what is hopefully a creative renaissance of sorts.

      I completely agree with the Elena stuff you pointed out. I’m glad you liked our version of TVD, I just wish it was real. The show will definitely have a lot to prove to me next year if it wants to keep me as a viewer.

      Damn, you’re totally right about Harmony. I knew I was overdue for a rewatch…

      I will definitely agree that this was the most underwhelming season finale of Mad Men by far. Until the very end it just felt like any other episode.

      We seem to see eye to eye on a great many things Tiffany…

      • I’ll add that the last ten minutes or so of the finale were spectacular. Basically everything I want out of Mad Men. Just with more mating dogs.

        • Oh god the dogs! That took me completely out of the show! I mean…what the fuck? And then naked Roger for no reason at all! That entire ending montage was just so goddamn surreal!

      • We do seem to see eye to eye a lot I’ve noticed. Some Like It Hot isn’t on instant watch but I have no problem adding it to my dvd queue. It’s about time I see one of her movies and I’ll probably just watch My Week with Marilyn right after that. God I hope I like her. Then I can finally justify owning these posters of her. If she’s terrible I suppose I could always just set fire to them or something 😛
        I read an article saying Catherine Tate had been signed on as a regular. If they knew they were losing 4 of their regular cast members (I’m counting Spader) I could see them trying really hard to hold on to her so I believe it. Plus isn’t she supposed to be super charming in real life? Why wouldn’t they want to hold on to her?

  2. Are you going to tackle Sherlock Holmes adaptions after Supernatural?
    Or did my brain get hijacked by your next ep being called A Study in Pilots?

  3. I just thought about it and fixing Shame would have been almost ridiculously easy. Just have him go to one Sexaholics Anonymous meeting! He’s forced to give a little bit of backstory and the rest of the movie can just go on as it did.

  4. I know you guys don’t watch it yet, but Fringe had another excellent season finale. Part of me wishes the show could go on for many more seasons, but then I remember the X-Files and think maybe it’s better Fringe will come to an end after next season.

    As much as I enjoy listening to your Supernatural discussions, I really want to hear your take on Fringe. I hope you guys are still planning to watch it after Supernatural is over, and I hope you guys can make it through the first season to get to the really good stuff from the 2nd season onwards. Fringe has steadily improved from year to year to the point that I had almost forgotten all the bad things from early on (that later get dropped or retconned out). Then I rewatched the first season sometime last fall, and I was quickly reminded as to how far that show has come. Thankfully FOX decided to give the show a chance and has kept it on the air for this long despite middling to poor ratings. If that’s not a Fringe event, then I don’t know what is.

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