The Mind Robbers Ep. 21 – How I Met Your Class

This week, Matt updates us on his quest through The West Wing and Deep Space Nine, Scott reviews Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut, and we’ve both been reading a lot. We review our June book of the month Strange Girl, study the pilots of How I Met Your Mother and The Class, and continue our ongoing chat about Supernatural (episode 5-8 of season three).

0:00:00 – Some Announcements
0:02:30 – The West Wing Season Six (SPOILERS)
0:08:30 – Deep Space Nine Season Four
0:14:40 – Ted (mild SPOILERS)
0:24:35 – Sideways (mild SPOILERS)
0:31:43 – The Pendragon Saga: The Quillian Games (mild SPOILERS)
0:38:40 – Batman Earth One (SPOILERS)
1:05:53 – The Walking Dead #100 (SPOILERS for the comic)
1:19:05 – Strange Girl Omnibus Edition (SPOILERS)
1:32:55 – How I Met Your Mother Pilot (SPOILERS)
1:41:40 – The Class Pilot (SPOILERS)
1:59:30 – Supernatural (SPOILERS)

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