The Mind Robbers Ep. 23 – No Man’s Creek

This week, Scott has been playing video games while Matt has been watching some BBC, we review a few comics that we’ve read recently, study the pilots for Dawson’s Creek and Life Unexpected, and continue our ongoing chat about Supernatural (episodes 13-16 of season three).

0:00:00 – Some Announcements
0:02:35 – Batman: Arkham City
0:10:55 – Inside Men
0:20:00 – Parker: The Score
0:31:25 – Episodes: Season 2
0:37:45 – Haywire
0:42:10 – Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey
0:48:25 – Passion Pit: Gossamer
0:51:03 – Locke & Key: Clockworks
1:05:36 – Batman: No Man’s Land Vol. 1
1:26:10 – Dawson’s Creek
1:41:23 – Life Unexpected
1:55:52 – Supernatural

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3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 23 – No Man’s Creek

  1. Unlike you guys, I spend most of my free time playing video games instead of watching movies or television. As a big sci-fi geek as well, the Mass Effect games were just about tailor-made for me. The world building in those games is extremely fascinating, and I would be more than willing to argue that the Mass Effect universe is the best science fiction universe since Star Trek.

    So much thought went into everything from the level of technology to the cultures of the various alien races and how they interact with each other. Then consider that there are many great main and side characters in the games who are all wrapped up in this epic science fiction tale with a GREAT ending (no matter what the internet complainers might say). It’s almost mind boggling to me how great this universe is.

    To me, Mass Effect is one of a very few video game properties that could possibly make a great movie or TV series. The universe is so well constructed that you could do a bunch of different things with it. You could do a straight up adaptation of the story from the games, or you could do something that’s only set in the same universe but completely unrelated. Hell, I would even love to see a TV show that follows the exploits of C-Sec officers on the Citadel (the huge space station that is the center of power, government, and commerce in the Mass Effect universe…..kinda like Deep Space Nine on ultra-massive steroids). You could do a movie or show centered on one of the mercenary factions.

    There are dozens upon dozens of great possibilities, and that is why I think the Mass Effect universe is so exciting. Most likely none of these things will ever actually be made, but the potential is there, which isn’t something you can say of many video game properties.

  2. I second the thoughts on Being Elmo. I loved some of the archive footage they had in there. Do you guys know about I Am Big Bird? And while I agree with Scott about the need for a movie about Jim Henson, I think you could run into some problems because the characters/works he developed are now split up amongst three different companies. I think it’s a bit of a long shot.

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