The Mind Robbers Ep. 41 – The Oscar Thief

mindrobbersrssThis week, Scott has played The Cave and watched a Bond documentary while Matt has watched the first season of Slings & Arrows. Our main topics this week are this year’s Oscars as well as the first series of the BBC radio show Cabin Pressure. We review Scott’s movie pick of Adaptation, discuss our comic picks Twenty-Seven: First Set and Fury Max Vol. 1, and listen to the music of Benjamin Gibbard.


0:01:40 – The Cave
0:10:30 – Everything Or Nothing
0:17:05 – Slings & Arrows – Season 1 (mild SPOILERS)
0:25:50 – The 85th Academy Awards (SPOILERS)
0:41:55 – Cabin Pressue – Series 1
0:52:25 – Adaptation (SPOILERS)
1:14:55 – Twenty-Seven: First Set (SPOILERS)
1:23:20 – Fury Max Vol. 1: My War Gone By (mild SPOILERS)
1:34:00 – Benjamin Gibbard – Former Lives
1:37:15 – A Dramatic Reading…

3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 41 – The Oscar Thief

  1. I need to revisit Kaufman’s movies some time. I still have a bitter taste in my mouth from being somewhat let down by Eternal Sunshine, which I saw in the theater at the height of Kaufman’s hype. So I never saw Synecdoche, New York because of it. But looking back at all of his other films I have nothing but good memories. Confessions of a Dangerous Minds was one of my favorite films of the decade so I especially need to rewatch that.

    • I can’t even begin to imagine how Eternal Sunshine could have possibly let you down in any way. For my money, it’s one of the most charming, intelligent, heartfelt, poignant, and romantic films ever made all through the lens of trippy sci-fi madness. It’s a perfect film IMO and one of my favorite films of all time, if not my absolute favorite (depends on the day you’re asking me really).

      Synecdoche, NY is… a very strange film. One that can warrant a LOT of discussion (and I’m sure we’ll talk about it on the show at some point), but I would be hard pressed to actually recommend it. It’s definitely not for everyone.

      I’m not sure what your reasons for disliking Eternal Sunshine would be (as I honestly can’t even fathom any), but if you didn’t like that film than I wouldn’t recommend any of his others. Confessions is a great film, but it’s also fairly straight forward and very unlike most of Kaufman’s scripts. So I’d probably just avoid him altogether if I were you.

      • I’ve seen all of his films except for Synecdoche, NY and Human Nature. I actually didn’t dislike Eternal Sunshine, I was just let down by it. Since I haven’t seen it in nearly 10 years I won’t argue with it over it’s merits, I’ll only say that, at the time when I saw it, it was the first of his films that didn’t surprise me. The premise of the film is carried through to the end. But like I said, I do want to revisit his films at some point.

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