The Mind Robbers VS Iron Man 3

versus144Scott and Matt take on the latest Marvel Studio release IRON MAN 3, from co-writer Drew Pearce and co-writer/director Shane Black. But remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!

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11 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Iron Man 3

  1. Something that you all didn’t discuss but really annoyed me personally; I’m incredibly tired of the malfunctioning/broken Iron Man suit thing. I know you have to break Tony down to have his build himself back up… but this time it went too far. I don’t go to an Iron Man movie to see the Iron Man costume not working for most of the film.

    Also, I didn’t like the assembling suit as much as you guys. It felt too Transformers to me. I agree that the scene with Peppers Potts was amazing, but I kind of felt it should have ended there. That they kept reusing it made it abundantly obvious that it was going to be crucial in the final action scene and indeed it was. It felt to me like an intentional extension of the Avengers where Tony’s armor is disassembled as he walks on top of Stark Tower. Like that scene tested well with focus groups so they decided to take it a step further in Iron Man 3 but went too far.

    • I didn’t mind the assembling armor. It worked for this movie, but a malfunctioning armor is what happens when you work with a prototype technology. But also, this movie is about Tony trying to make a break with his technology, so it makes sense that it would fail him in places. He needs to get weaned off it.

    • The movie was about Tony Stark BECOMING Iron Man rather than just a guy WEARING Iron Man. You have to do that with Tony out of the suit or it doesn’t mean anything. And the only way to get him out of the suit is if it’s malfunctioning. I mean, you could have someone steal it I guess, but I’m sure Tony has precautions for that. Not even Rhodey could use one of his armors.

      • Iron Man 3 was about Tony becoming Iron Man? You mind elaborating, I didn’t get that at all personally so I’d love to hear your reasoning.

        • Iron Man 3 begins with Tony having trouble dealing with the Battle of New York in The Avengers. Specifically the fact that he’s surrounded by all these people with powers and he’s just “a man in a can”. His solution? Build better cans. So he spends all of his free time making Iron Man suit after Iron Man suit in an attempt to find one that will make him feel safe and make him feel as though he belongs in the world he now finds himself in.

          So of course he loses his only available suit (along with access to Jarvis) in Tennessee where he meets a kid who upon seeing the broken down Iron Man armor says “Is that Iron Man?” to which Tony responds “Technically, he’s me” and the kid says “Technically, you’re dead”. Even the kid doesn’t think Tony is anything special. He’s just “The Mechanic”. He’s not a superhero. He built Iron Man. He wears Iron Man. But he is not Iron Man.

          Throughout the course of the film, Tony is forced to be a hero despite not having his suit. It’s the story of how Tony proved to himself that he’s Iron Man with or without the suit. The whole final action sequence follows Tony as he jumps in and out of suit after suit because what suit he’s wearing doesn’t matter. It’s not about the suit anymore. It’s about HIM. He’s finally learned that the Iron doesn’t make the Man. The Man makes the Iron.

          At the end of the film, Tony blows up all of the suits because he doesn’t need them any more. They don’t make him Iron Man. The arc reactor in his chest that powers the suit has been a crutch for him through all four films. So he finally removes it. Because he doesn’t need it. He’s ascended beyond needing a crutch. He doesn’t need tech to make him better. He just IS better.

          And the final line? “I am Iron Man.” isn’t just a call back to the last line of the first film. The “I am Iron Man” line at the end of Iron Man is in reference to the fact that Tony is revealing to the press that he is the “secret identity” of Iron Man. At the end of Iron Man 3, however, it is the revelation to himself that he has finally, truly become a hero. He has finally become Iron Man.

          And that’s the theme of the movie. And why having Tony out of the costume for so long was 100% necessary and important. Hope that clears it up.

  2. If it puts your mind to rest a little, they did plug that ‘why did no one recognise Trevor’ plot hole. There was a throw away line about him having plastic surgery when he rattles of that list of things they gave him (such as the speed boat).

  3. The reason the last action scene failed is that it doesn’t build off of the strength of the character like the diner scene did earlier.

  4. The reason tony got to where he is as a character is because of his big brain and because of it he sometimes is a prick. The scene with fanboy plays to the fact that tony is what most tech/nerds would dream to be. The diner scene shows off tony’s brain by way he defeated lava girl. The pepper pots suit scene shows of his brain because it shows hes quick witted when its really bad.

    The final fight is pissing contest with him calling in all the suits in. And tony trying to beat him with brute force instead of using his big brain. Then he becomes the damsel in distress that gets saved by pepper.

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