The Mind Robbers VS Star Trek Into Darkness

versus144Scott and Matt take on the latest installment in the Star Trek franchise with STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS, from writers Robert Orci, Alex Kurtzman, & Damon Lindelof and director JJ Abrams. But remember, BEWARE OF SPOILERS!!


3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. Two other things that were achieved by the Spock Prime scene:

    “Did you defeat him?”
    “At great cost.”

    Now, we don’t hear it, but what is Spock Prime going to tell New Spock? “I had to sacrifice myself,” right? It sets up the parallel scene with Kirk making a similar choice later on.

    Also, how did Kirk beat Khan in Wrath? He pretended to give Khan what he wanted (the Genesis plans) in a way that set up Khan’s defeat (he actually transmitted the prefix code that would disable the Reliant’s shields). Likewise, New Spock sets up a plan that seems to give Khan what he wants (the torpedoes/cryopods containing his crew) but actually gives the Enterprise a way to destroy the Vengeance.

    So, yeah, Spock Prime’s cameo is actually plot-important on a couple of levels, but you have to ponder what would have been said after the camera cut away.

  2. Kind of live-blogging the episode here, I guess 🙂

    While Roddenberry’s rather crazy utopian vision around the time of TNG did argue that there were no flawed Starfleet officers, back in TOS nearly every other captain in Kirk’s graduating class turned into some sort of mad tyrant. So it’s not unknown to Roddenberry-Trek to have a “bent” Starfleet villain.

    As you guys point out, the Enterprise crew are held up as the heroes and Marcus’ plot is pretty thoroughly villainized. The universe is a darker place because of the loss of Vulcan, yes, but the militarizing response is clearly NOT the right one. This is not DS9 where you have our heroes questioning the utopianism of Earth and being hard men making hard choices. The idea of going all Galactic War on Terror because of the Trek equivalent of 9/11 is clearly rejected in the film.

    Plus, we end up with the start of the five-year mission. I am really hoping that we can get a movie or two about cool space adventures, even if there needs to be some alien villain to provide antagonism, rather than dealing further with Earth and Starfleet.

  3. And another one.

    They have done entire Star Trek novels that are effectively single “episodes” within the five-year mission. So I think they could do a movie-big story that’s part of the five-year mission.

    That said, they did almost have a Klingon war within the original five-year mission (the very first appearance of the Klingons, where only the Organians stopped a war from starting). So there’s nothing saying that a five-year mission away from Earth can’t include fights with the Klingons.

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