The Mind Robbers Ep. 73 – Grand Theft Redrum

mindrobbersrssThis week, Scott finished playing Grand Theft Auto V while Matt finished season 3 of The OC. Our Main Topic/movie pick is The Shining and the documentary Room 237, we discuss InStockTrades picks Deadpool Vol. 1 & 2 and Chew Vol. 7, and listen to the new album from MGMT.


0:02:08 – Grand Theft Auto V (mild SPOILERS)
0:33:43 – The OC: Season 3 (SPOILERS)
0:50:30 – The Shining (SPOILERS)
1:14:25 – Room 237 (SPOILERS)
1:30:30 – Deadpool Vol. 1: “Dead Presidents” & Vol. 2: “Soul Catcher” (mild SPOILERS)
1:38:42 – Chew Vol. 7: Bad Apples
1:44:58 – MGMT – “MGMT”

Next: “Carrie”, “An American Werewolf in London”, and more!


One thought on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 73 – Grand Theft Redrum

  1. Matt, you’re going to like The O.C. Season 4. Season 3 is terrible, but 4 is the ultimate redemption. They knew they were getting a short season and they said “fuck it, let’s make it fun”. Taylor and Kaitlin both become awesome characters in Season 4, and without spoiling anything, some of the same types of joy you get in season 1 comes back strong in season 4. As Scott said, it’s a different type of show, but at least for me, it elicits some of the same type of joy.

    I wanted to say this a while back when you guys talked about Gossip Girl, which by the way I don’t think is a bad show, but I think the biggest problem with Gossip Girl is that Josh Schwartz didn’t have the same luck in casting with GG as he did on The O.C. And I do say luck on purpose, he never intended Summer to be a regular on the show, for example. And he got lucky with Taylor… heck even Luke turned out to be a good character. He never really had the same luck with GG’s characters who are mostly boring or unlikeable.

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