8 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Veronica Mars Ep. 1

  1. I’m super stoked about a Veronica Mars rewatch, and I’d like to entice my girlfriend into participating [She loves Buffy, and I’ve told her that VM nicely fills a Buffy-sized hole in one’s heart], but I haven’t listened to your podcast yet [we are going to watch episodes 1 and 2 tonight] and I’m curious as to the viewing/podcast schedule: How often are you guys going to post, and how frequently do we need to watch episodes to keep up? Thanks

    • Hey, Alan! Thanks for listening!

      Our goal is to have the whole show covered by the movie’s release on March 14. So we’ll be releasing three Vs. episodes per week starting next week. Every Vs. will cover two Veronica Mars episodes, so we’ll be covering six episodes of Veronica Mars every week.

      Hope that helps! And thanks for joining! Remember, there will be NO SPOILERS for upcoming plot details, so your special lady friend is more than welcome to join in listening without having to learn “who dunnit”!

          • Rewatching the first two episodes, I was reminded how acute the show’s awareness socio-ecoconomic class is, which I really appreciate.

            What other show would have a hilarious line like this?: “Tonight, we eat — like the lower middle class to which we aspire!”

            As a Marxist, I can count the American shows which acknowledge class, or even seem remotely aware of it, seemingly on one hand. The Wire is the other which immediately pops into my mind.

            Rewatching the first two episodes, I was also reminded how much I love the damn show. When that music plays and the title sequence rolls, it all comes back to me just how special VM is. It’s been a while since I’ve seen it…

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