One thought on “The Mind Robbers VS Veronica Mars Ep. 18

  1. “Directed by Guy Bee.”

    His name is pronounced just as it reads. Rhymes with ‘Buy Me’. Fun Fact: Before directing TV, Guy Bee was a steadicam operator on Ghosts Of Mars, Magnolia, Titanic and many more.

    “There’s no way Dick would know what Ghost World is.”

    Not necessarily. Chances are, he’s either only seen the trailer in passing (probably making fun of it while at the same time wanting to do the two lead Women) or was forced to sit through the whole thing by some girl he was trying to nail. Hell, the poster or DVD box art would be all he would have needed to see to apply that to Mac’s fashion sense, pejoratively. For a bigger example of such an uncharacteristic reference, I submit the scene in Chasing Amy, where Alyssa casually throws out Hercule Poirot, during a Hockey game.

    “Why is he so desperately trying to keep Logan away from his daughter?”
    “The thing is, Logan’s a bad boy. It’s not enough.”

    Come back to this episode if and when you’re trying to raise a teenage Daughter. After all, Logan has done some pretty awful stuff and his Father is in jail for two counts of attempted murder, under suspicion for committing actual murder and also under suspicion for having sex with a minor. Even if all that wasn’t in the picture, and Logan was just into petty vandalism, most Dads would be fully against their little girl dating someone like that. I mean, look at Weevil and Veronica. They’re not a couple at all but Keith still gets uncomfortable anytime Veronica associates herself with Weevil.

    “Why does he own a plane hangar and a bunch of cars?”

    Small correction: Though the cars do belong to Terrence, Jackie mentions the hangar itself belongs to Woody Goodman. That aside, your particular point is still valid. Terrence clearly has money to burn. He should have no problems paying his debts.

    “Why are the gay kids always getting attacked on this show?…. Can we just have one good gay character, where they’re not being shoved around all the time, or bullied, or forced to come out of the closet or whatever?”

    Unfortunately, no. The reasons for this are many but here are just a few:
    1. Homophobia was and is a polarizing, hot button issue, especially when concerning hormonal Teens, who are still discovering and developing their own sexual and personal identities. In fact, it’s become a bigger debate today because of the progression you guys mentioned. Just the other day, I shared on Facebook an image that read, “Homophobia: The fear that gay men will treat you the way you treat women.”
    2. This is more likely to come up in a series that has one or more openly gay writers on staff, as it’s an important issue for them that they can draw from and writing about it is still therapeutic. See also: Ryan Murphy and Glee.
    3. As you guys have discussed before, this is Neptune High. It’s choked with rich, White kids, often presenting themselves to be terrible, fascist, intolerable people against anything slightly different from them. Sometimes, it seems like their behavior reaches levels of unbelievable, cartoon super-villainy but they are out there in the world, sadly. Turn over the right rock and you’ll find them. 🙁

    Fun discussion, these episodes are affording. If you guys want to add to your VM consumption, I highly recommend the Investigating Mars podcast, where a group of people are watching the show for the first time. They’re about at the same place you are now (a little bit ahead of you, actually). I like to combine this podcast with that one so I can make a night of enjoying back to back VM discussions. Fun Fact: I’m a guest on a couple episodes and I made the avatar/logo for their show.

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