3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Veronica Mars Ep. 21

    • I knew the “Nevermind the Bullocks” reference, it was the “buttocks” I was specifically confused about, and what it had to do with the episode. But it was recently pointed out to us that the “buttocks” is in reference to Gia being mooned. MYSTERY SOLVED. 🙂

  1. Right. I forgot about that part. In fact, I had forgotten there was even an episode called this. There are a handful of Season 2 episodes that aren’t all that memorable or important to me. I like the bus crash mystery, but I think you guys are right in that it can’t sustain a full 22 episodes. I think the problem is there are too many instances where either we’re given clues or more info about what’s happened too sparingly or too small or they don’t even focus on it at all. Because of the magnitude and intricacies of the bus crash mystery, I feel like the writers should have focused on it a lot more, maybe even exclusively. But then, I guess it would have gotten wrapped up too soon? I don’t know. The pacing in season 2 is a bit of a mess.

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