The Mind Robbers Ep. 88 – Finale Chimichanga

mindrobbersrssThis week, Scott read a book about SEGA and caught up with Supernatural while Matt launched a kickstarter and watched The Americans. Our Main Topic this week is part one of our finale season w/ Hannibal, Silicon Valley, and Mad Men, we review Scott’s movie pick The Running Man, and discuss InStockTrades picks Fear Agent, Ultimate Spider-Man, Red Lanterns, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Thunderbolts.


0:01:30 – Amigone Kickstarter
0:13:04 – Console Wars (SPOILERS)
0:30:35 – The Lies of Locke Lamora (Redux) (SPOILERS)
0:45:35 – Supernatural – Season 9 (SPOILERS)
1:08:29 – The Americans – Season 2 (mild SPOILERS)
1:36:38 – Hannibal – Season 2 (SPOILERS)
1:57:50 – Silicon Valley – Season 1 (SPOILERS)
2:14:04 – Mad Men – Season 7, Part 1 (SPOILERS)
2:27:29 – The Running Man (SPOILERS)
2:42:50 – Fear Agent Vol. 1 (SPOILERS)
2:57:10 – Ultimate Comics: Spider-man Vol. 4 (SPOILERS)
3:05:45 – Red Lanterns Vol. 4
3:12:40 – Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1
3:19:12 – Thunderbolts Vol. 3 (SPOILERS)

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3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 88 – Finale Chimichanga

  1. I am far more down on this season of Supernatural than Scott was. I think it is probably because I was watching week to week rather than in a big bunch. I really liked the first half of the season, but the second half just didn’t do it for me.

    I think the reason for that, at least in my case, is that the Winchester brothers are boring. They keep going through the same tired interactions/arguments with each other year to year with only slightly different window dressing. The way Sam and Dean interact just doesn’t keep me interested. I love Scott’s idea of doing the show with completely different characters. I wish they had done that already. It just seems that the writers can’t come up with new material for the brothers so they just keep spinning their wheels and repeating themselves.

    Another problem I had with this season is that I think Metatron is far more interesting in concept than execution. I think he works in small doses, but he’s not enough to carry the entire season, at least as it was written. To me, season nine felt like half a season worth of material stretched to full length.

    On a final note, I couldn’t agree more on the Bloodlines episode. We can always hope that the show will be much better than the pilot and live up to the potential of its concept. It’s a slim hope at best, but at least we’ll have The Flash to cheer us up if Bloodlines turns out to be complete trash.

    • Bloodlines wasn’t picked up. Thankfully.

      There’s talk about trying to do another Supernatural spin-off, but again, my thought is why do that when you can just continue the flagship show with new characters you set up in season 10? Seems like a no brainer to me. The show is called “Supernatural” not “The Brothers Winchester”. I mean, hell, you could even make Castiel and Crowley transitional characters that interact with new hunters we follow in season 11 and continue with them until they’re strong enough to carry the show on their own.

    • I do agree there. I dropped off after the second half of the season, and may continue if it is 100% confirmed by the network is indeed the final year. To me, season 6-9 have just felt ancillary to the main story of Supernatural. It definitely feels like a lot of wheel spinning and a lot of the same stuff, season after season. It pains me to say that the show no longer is appointment TV as it once was for me. I am one of those folks who think that season 5 should’ve been the final year. AND I stuck with it for seasons 6-7. I don’t know. Good to know I’m not alone in this.

      I do agree with Scott that Supernatural is a show that listens to its viewers a little too much, and has ever since the end of 5. I for one was all for separating the brothers but unfortunately I was alone in that. I was all for a show about different kinds of characters. A new family, or something. To coin a Star Wars term, Supernatural EU.

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