The Mind Robbers VS Buffy Ep. 7

Versus -- Buffy144Scott and Matt take on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes¬†“Out of Mind, Out of Sight” and “Prophecy Girl”.

(WARNING: Please beware of full spoilers for all of Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, and all things Joss Whedon.)

NEXT: Season Two! “When She Was Bad” and “Some Assembly Required”


4 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Buffy Ep. 7

  1. I’m loving these, guys! I’m gonna listen to Ever. Damn. One. No way around it.

    That said, question: are you also going to be doing shows about Angel? And, if so, are you going to do them in continuity order w/Buffy: i.e., Buffy S4E1 The Freshman, then Angel S1E1: City of…; Buffy S4E2 Living Conditions, then Angel S1E2 Lonely Hearts; and so forth?

    I know you probably won’t do this, but consider talking about the canonical comics after you’ve finished the series. I’d be interested to know what you think of Angel: After the Fall, Buffy season 8, etc.

    • All of what you talk about will be covered, but not necessarily the way you’re saying. The Mind Robbers Vs. Buffy will not feature Angel episodes, but only mostly because The Mind Robbers Vs. Angel will be the show in which we cover Angel (excepting one episode of Buffy).

      We will explain the release schedule more as we get closer to that show.

    • And we do have plans to cover Season 8. We do not have plans to cover After the Fall (mostly because I don’t think it’s very good at all).

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