One thought on “The Mind Robbers VS Buffy Ep. 18

  1. You guys briefly talked about shows with great finales that feel like events. I totally agree with you that Joss Whedon shows do finales very well, plus Lost and Battlestar Galactica that you mentioned are other great examples.

    I am going to add Farscape to that list. It is a quirky space adventure that I absolutely love and have long called “Buffy In Space” for many reasons. One of those reasons is that all the finales from Farscape’s four seasons feel like a huge events and have brutal cliffhanger endings to boot. Farscape wasn’t afraid to throw its characters through the ringer time and time again, and it knew how to make episodes feel big and important, just like the event episodes from Buffy do. Every single season finale left me in the place of “I NEED the next season RIGHT NOW!” Other than Buffy, Farscape is the show I’ve gone back to the most over the years. It’s not without some low points (mostly early on), but man when Farscape is on, it is ON.

    There are enough similarities in how Farscape works compared to Buffy (such as focus on characters and a large ensemble cast) that I would love to hear you guys discuss it. If I only had the time and a good co-host to do it with, I would totally do a recap podcast on Farscape myself. Maybe I’ll have the time someday.

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