The Mind Robbers Ep. 92 – Once Upon a Hodgepodge

mindrobbersrssThis week, Scott watched a lot of television and Matt read a lot of books. We talk about the movies Snowpiercer and Deliver Us From Evil, review Matt’s movie pick Once Upon a Time in the West, and discuss InStockTrades picks The Infinity Gauntlet, Annihilation, and Alex + Ada.


0:01:27 – Mr. Sloane (mild SPOILERS)
0:08:53 – Good Omens (mild SPOILERS)
0:17:37 – Arrow (SPOILERS)
0:33:48 – A Game of Thrones/A Clash of Kings (SPOILERS)
0:49:53 – Penny Dreadful S1 (mild SPOILERS)
1:03:18 – Star Wars Minute
1:13:12 – Snowpiercer (mild SPOILERS)
1:25:10 – Deliver Us From Evil (mild SPOILERS)
1:39:37 – Once Upon A Time In the West (SPOILERS)
1:53:50 – Infinity Gauntlet (SPOILERS)
2:03:20 – Annihilation Omnibus
2:12:12 – Alex + Ada Vol 1 (mild SPOILERS)

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6 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 92 – Once Upon a Hodgepodge

  1. Arrow has definitely done a better job of not taking itself seriously, but I still find the plot to be cringe-inducing most of the time. The entire plot of season 2 was that Deathstroke wants to kill Ollie because Ollie didn’t choose for Sara to die instead of Shadow. That they kept coming back to that without anyone ever saying the obvious “Um, it’s not Oliver’s fault that Shadow died. Like, not even a little bit.” was frustrating for me.

    They also go to the “I must hurt you in order to protect you” well far too often although at this point everyone on the show knows who Arrow is so maybe that’ll change.

    • Deathstroke was insane. Because of the drugs? They explained that he wasn’t capable was seeing reason so it didn’t bother me at all.

  2. I love how you guys just blow off the “haves and have nots” theme of SNOWPIERCER — and basically ALL the politics/subtext/allegory/symbolism of the film: the child labor, the revolutionary politics, the symbolism of the engine, how the themes might reflect contemporary political reality. But WOW, they fight with axes!! Ooh. Nifty nifty nifty.

    And, regarding the comment that the film needed to have some of the “air let out,” I was reminded of this

    • To be fair, I saw it once. A month ago. It wasn’t exactly fresh in my head. But yes. All of those things were there. But I’ve also seen all of those things a bunch of times in a bunch of different things? So it didn’t really seem necessary to bring them up. We weren’t doing a break down of the film, we just watched it and gave some overall thoughts.

      You know, like we normally do?

      I also adamantly disagreed with the needing the “air let out” comment. I like the movie the way it is.

    • My opinion on him needing to let air out of the movie was clearly something Bong Joon-ho disagreed with as the movie he released was his pure vision of what he wanted to do. And that’s fine. He’s allowed to have “too many notes” I guess because it was all the thing he was going to. It’s just that his “many notes” caused me to get super bored. And yeah, that sucks for me. But it’s kinda…. how I responded to the movie. It lacked urgency in places where it shoulda been relentless and nonstop.

      And yes, it was definitely a political commentary for the now, but I didn’t feel like it was THAT great. Maybe if I had been more engaged with the movie I would have talked all up and down about it, but the fact remains that the movie as Joon-ho released it couldn’t keep me engaged enough to think about it so deeply.

      • Yes. This. What Matt said.

        And yet, I still really loved it. Weird how I can 100% agree with that, but still enjoy the movie for it is. But it’s also okay that Matt didn’t and I totally understand why.

        It is what it is. An opinion.

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