The Mind Robbers VS Guardians of the Galaxy

versus144Scott and Matt with special guest Nick Jimenez take on the newest film from Marvel Studios with GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY from writer/director James Gunn.


One thought on “The Mind Robbers VS Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Absolutely loved this gush fest of a podcast. I agree with pretty much everything that you guys said about Guardians, and I certainly loved the movie as much as you guys did, and I have absolutely no knowledge of the comics at all. I came into the movie wanting a fun space adventure, and I got that in spades.

    On thing that went over better with me than it seemed it did with all of you is that I really enjoyed Gamora. I didn’t have any issue with the character feeling superfluous or wasted or just thrown in there to have a woman on the team. I do agree that she didn’t get as much focus as the other Guardians, but I didn’t feel like she was short-changed either.

    I found it interesting how you guys praised the differences in Star Lord being different from the comics, but Scott at least thought movie Gamora was inferior to the comic version. Not having the comic to compare it to myself, I didn’t have any issues with the reluctance part of her character traits. It felt perfectly fine to me.

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