3 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers VS Angel Ep. 05

  1. I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on these episodes. I TOTALLY agree with your assessment of “Pangs.” I similarly find “I will Remember You” devastating and transcendently good, and you guys had some really interesting insights to share. I do not, however, agree that Buffy somehow retains an inkling of her perfect day and reconcilitation with Angel. For that to be the case would be to dilute the incredibly sad and tragic nature of what happens, as well as the real significance of Angel’s choice. She leaves angry. Their relationship has been damaged. Period, endstop. Angel has to live with that weight. Forever. It was a choice he had to make.

    • I know that’s true. And that’s in the text. But I don’t think it hurts it if there’s a SMALL bit that remembers it. You know. Like how even though you erase something over and over there’s a shadow of a thing there. Like a haunting.

      And yeah, it’s definitely effective that Buffy doesn’t remember, but there’s a part of me that loves the text of her having a very vague sense memory of it. And not of the happy bits, but of the bitter resentment that he chose his larger calling over her.

      Something like that. =)

      • You make a compelling case, sir. You had me at the word “haunting.” I like the idea that this shadow of a shadow makes things hurt even more.

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