The Mind Robbers Ep. 96 – A Thanksgiving Miracle

mindrobbersrssThis week, Matt and Scott return (FINALLY) to talk about what they’ve been up to for the past two months. Topics include books, Star Trek, Doctor Who, all things Batman, Sleepy Hollow, the Wolf Among Us, Firefly the Board Game, and much much more. A very conversational and extra lengthy episode just in time for your Thanksgiving day drive. Enjoy!.


2 thoughts on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 96 – A Thanksgiving Miracle

  1. Delighted to see the main podcast return! I found it fascinating just how far in advance you guys had recorded podcasts for Angel and Buffy as it had never even crossed my mind before that you weren’t just finding time to do it every week.I was also pleased to get a taste of Matt’s opinions on the latest series of Doctor Who even if it was just a snippet. Though the argument about whether Kill The Moon is terrible or genius never materialised (no pun intended) which was a pity. I would have loved to hear how you defended your opinions..
    I think I need to read The Stand and play Firefly: The Board Game now.

    • Delighted by your delightment! It’s good to be back.

      I would have loved to talk about Doctor Who and Kill the Moon more, I suppose. But mostly because I don’t understand the argument about “Kill the Moon” being “terrible”. Because…. well… I just don’t understand a conception of that story as “terrible” in any capacity… How was it “terrible”?

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