The Mind Robbers Ep. 98 – Franchises and Adaptations

mindrobbersrssThis week, Matt read Outlander while Scott gushes about Teen Titans: Earth One. We discuss Star Trek 3, the newly confirmed DC pilots, the Ready Player One movie, the Sony leak are all discussed, and more. Then we review Scott’s movie pick Tombstone.

NEXT: Agents of SHIELD, Serial, Romancing the Stone, and much more!


One thought on “The Mind Robbers Ep. 98 – Franchises and Adaptations

  1. Constantine gets better. The one about the miners was probably the low point of the season. Of course I haven’t read the comics and my only experience is the Keanu Reeves movie (which I enjoyed), but I’ve really liked the last handful of episodes. It’s pretty monster of the week but I think people who like Supernatural (for more than just the boy eye candy) should like Constantine…

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